Training content combining Video, Image, Audio, and Text into an interactive platform
Training content combining Video, Image, Audio, and Text into an interactive platform

20%-off for subscriber of package M onward the e-learning application

Simply UPLOAD & TYPE, you are now able to create interactive training content without the coding skill

Choose Theme

Many themes with attractive graphic design are available. You are free to choose to suit training theme that you are preparing.

Set the Budget

Only with IDR 150,000 per page, you could set the budget of content development by yourself. Total cost appears from beginning of process.

Input Material

Training materials are flexibly combined; from variations of text, video, audio, and image.

Settle Payment

After payment, you will receive an interactive html5 file that is able to run in multiple gadgets and operating systems (Android, IOS, Windows).

Since founded until now, our company group is consistently focusing on people development in corporate sector. We believe that company’s wheel structure is continuously growing if people inside the structure are also growing. For that we exist. Combining training with technology.

Under two integrated teams, we develop and grow two main E-Learning scopes: APPLICATION and CONTENT.

Under Hungalo team (, we develop and grow E-LEARNING APPLICATION with innovative touches to ease companies manage their employee training in an integrated online location, without limited by place and time.

With the touches of attractive graphic design and combined with html responsive technology, team of Voloxa ( develops numerous themes that are ready to use to create E-LEARNING CONTENT with simple process and low cost.

We have assisted Clients across industries, including 500 world largest companies (Fortune 500), World Bank, and medium-scale companies. Clients are from various industries in sectors of Banking, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Mining, dan Apparel.

Your inquiries and inputs are meaningful to us.
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Voloxa is a training content provider company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. With more than 15-years dedication in E-Learning industry, we innovatively develop training content that Is easily to use for your company. With user-friendly interface along with attractive design, this training content will assist in enhancing productivity of people development in your company.

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With comprehensive training features to ease company managing online training for employees, Hungalo e-learning application is an ideal choice for reaching training efficiencies in time and cost